P-Free Fertilizer

Does my lawn need fertilizer? Better, does my lawn need phosphorus in my fertilizer? These two questions are two of our most popular requests for information. Eliminating fertilizer, specifically phosphorus-based fertilizer, can have a huge impact on the Wabash River! Phosphorus provides plants with energy increasing plant density, root growth and overall health. In water, phosphorus feeds small plants called algae, increasing its density and health and negatively impacting fish and bugs.

When you apply fertilizer to your lawn, it adds nutrients. All plants, including lawn grass, need nutrients to grow and thrive. However, your soil may already contain sufficient nutrients and additional fertilizer may not be necessary to produce a lush, green lawn. If you fertilize where it isn’t needed, those extra nutrients run off into adjacent storm drains and streams then into the Wabash River. These nutrients create the green color often visible within the Wabash River throughout the summer and fall.

How can you help?

Local Sources:

Growing a Health Lawn – Purdue University Turf Management Program

Maine’s Keep Lawn Greens, Weed Free Program

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