Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Every day, each individual generates 4 to 6 pounds of trash with nearly one-third of waste generated from product packaging! This mean recycling can make a difference each day! Need quick ideas for reducing your impact? Start by composting leaves, grass clippings, twigs and food scraps. If you cannot reuse materials, donate them to others who can reuse them, like the Habitat Restore! Recycling is very important because it conserves our natural resources and many times saves energy. Nearly 90% of household materials can be recycled. Not only does recycling reduce litter, it saves energy and money! Co-mingled. Curbside. Drop-off. Buyback. Reuse. Trade in. Restore.

Locally, metal, glass, plastic, paper and more can be recycling in a variety of manners. You can also compost food material, turn in unused or expired prescriptions and personal care products, and reuse materials that aren’t useful to you anymore!

Local Sources:

City of Lafayette Curbside Recycling

City of West Lafayette Curbside Recycling

Purdue University Recycling

Tippecanoe County Solid Waste Management District

Tippecanoe County Waste Options

Oscar Winski Recycling

Goodwill Stores

Habitat Restore


Drug Drop Off

Take the Pledge